Monday, 24 June 2013

10.8.4 AMD tutorial

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

7770 on hackintosh

how to get working ati 7770 on hackintosh

make sure you have a working 10.8.2 hackintosh


  • download this torrent (its the 10.8.3 update package)
  • upgrade to 10.8.3 [ using multibeast install fakesmc, evorboot and sleep enabler]
  • only for AMD hackintoshers(select mac model as mac pro 5,1)
  • reboot and boot up with Graphics Enabler=No and the rest code you type
  • AMD hackintoshers should type "amd_kernel npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No -v(just in case)"
  • you will get a white screen with a working cursor
  • put your computer to sleep by  simple pressing the power button
  • wake up your pc from sleep
  • now you should have a working ati radeon 7770 
  • in my case i used AMDphenom ii x6 1055t
  •                           Gigabyte ga78lmt USB 3
  •                           HIS 7770 Ghz edition  

installing Hackintosh mountain lion on a AMD PC

all you have to do is  download

  • iatkos ML2(pirate bay)
  • a hard disk with pre installed snow leopard(10.6.3+)

[NOTE:The Hard disk should have atleast 2partitions(can have more), in which one partition should be empty for installing mountain lion and they should be GUID partition table formatted]
how formatting using GUID?
(should be done during snow leopard installation)


  • mount the downloaded iso/dmg 
  • open terminal and type defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
  • press enter
  • now type killall Finder
  • now open the mounted disk
  • navigate to "system/installation/packages/"
  • open osinstall.mpkg
  • install the same way as you did, select the empty drive made for mountain lion(can be named anything)
  • do not select the bootloader and bootloader options

  • these options will already be selected, let them be
  • just click sleep enabler

  • in the mac model select, MAC Pro 5,1

  • in drivers do not select sound(it usally gives problems in amd)
  • select the other drivers if you need, for example USB3, etc
  • do not select any driver if you are not sure, this can be done anytime when in installation is done(especially VGA)
  • let network be selected

  • THAT'S IT ITS DONE !!!!!

                                        FINAL STEPS

  • download the file
  • this file(mediafire link)
  • copy the file to the root directory of the installed drive

  • Now boot using "amd_kernel arch=x86_64 -v"
common problems

  • hackintosh gets stuck at [PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN] = add "npci=0x3000" or "npci=0x2000" at the beginning
  • kernel panic 1)try GraphicsEnabler=No
  •                      2)try cpus=6(for phenom x6, it will be 4 for a phenom x4)
  •                      3)specify the busratio (its just your core multiplier)
  •                      4)google he error, or email me(address given below)
  • some sort of a error=-x
  • if -x dont work google it, or email me or facebook ( (